Friday, August 28, 2009

Winter Scarf

Not too long ago Jodie of Jelly Wares posted here about a great scarf she knitted. Well, I liked it so much I thought I would give it a go. (It took Jodie 3 nights to make this! Me, much, much longer!) This is knit with Berroco Sox yarn (75%wool and 25% nylon) that I posted about here. The pattern calls for 2 different colored skeins of yarn that you alternate every 2 rows. Well, I didn't do that. Only used the one skein.

Look at how wonderfully it striped! While an easy scarf to knit, it did start with a provisional cast on that I had never done before so I learned something new. See that vertical line running straight up the middle of the scarf? At the very top of it is where I started with 3 stitches on my needle. I increased 4 stitches every other row until it grew into the size I wanted. I could have kept on going and made a shawl!

I had my daughter model it for me. This will be great to keep that chilly air at bay around my throat and upper chest when wearing a jacket or blazer. I may make another for a gift but this one is for me!

OK, another knitting project off my needles. Time to put another on! This time, a scarf made with lace weight yarn that I bought at the knitting convention in June. I'll show you my progress on that scarf in my next post.

Talk at you later, Rumi


  1. Terrific colors and the striping looks like you planned it! Isn't it nice having daughter to model. :o) I'm sure she was as thrilled as mine would be.

  2. Nice job Rumi! I love the colors! The shawl I'm knitting is the same in that it starts at the top middle with only a few stitches and ends up with hundreds on the needle at the end. Isn't it fun to see something like that grow and grow?


  3. You are a woman of many talents....

  4. Rumi,

    Wish I could Knit! My stuf comes out lookin like something Dr. Suess would have in his closet! Hugs, Robin

  5. Gorgeous Rumi - the yarn is so pretty - love the stripey effect!

  6. Beautifully knitted, Rumi - you will wow them when you wear that little number!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  7. Amazing! It looks so pretty, and good on you keeping it for yourself. Sometimes I think we spend way to much time on projects and then give them away. I know thats what crafters are like but sometimes it's nice to make something for ourselves.

  8. Wow I love that scarf .
    My verification word is "clums" a little like me and knitting = clumsy !

  9. What a lovely yarn Rumi- gorgeous mix of colours so it will go with a lot of things. Well done. I am still finishing my daughter's scarf for Monday.