Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where were you Rumi?

Hello Friends,

Sorry I have been "missing in action" this past week. While finishing up my potholders from my last post my tendonitis in my wrist started to flare up. I slapped on my trusty wrist brace and stayed out of my sewing room for a few days--oh the agony (not the wrist, the time away from sewing LOL!)

It felt better by the weekend and I was glad because I, along with many other volunteers, manned the Touching Little Lives booth at the Ohio State Fair for a few hours on Saturday. I had my camera all set to go but left it on the kitchen counter so no pics of the event. :-( Hopefully we encouraged some people to get involved with this wonderful charity.

After being AWOL from the sewing room for several days I had a couple of customer projects to catch up on and then BOOM! I was sidelined by Labyrinthitis, which basically is an inner ear disorder that gives me vertigo. I never know when it will strike. I usually have to spend my day(s) in bed waiting for the room to stop spinning. Luckily this was a mild one and I am feeling much better today (Thanks Sabra, for stepping in at the last minute and subbing for me at work--I owe you one!)

Long story short (too late?) No sewing to show you. How about a peek at my teapot collection instead? Let's just start with a few today and I will post more in a couple of days. I have alot of Japanese teapots (go figure).

This little beauty fits in the palm of my hand and makes about 1/2 cup of tea. Designed for pouring into tiny little Japanese teacups, not the stomping big mugs I like to use. This was a gift from my mother many years ago.

A teapot that I purchased while living in Japan in the mid '80's. This will make about 1 1/2 cups.

Another purchase from Japan. Roughly the same size as the one above.

A bigger teapot. This holds probably 2 1/2 to 3 cups.

More to come. Talk at you later. Rumi


  1. Love your teapot collection! Nothing like a nice cup of hot tea on a cold winter afternoon!

    Love the wrist brace too...I sleep with two every night myself! That and a healthy dose of vitamin I (ibuprofen) keeps me from having to take time off from my stitching!

    Hope the wrist is better soon!


  2. Sorry to hear of your tendonitis and vertigo - no fun at all! Hope everything settles down soo so you can get back to some serious sewing.

    Thanks for sharing your teapot collection - such beautiful pieces. I hope to travel to Japan one day.

  3. I am so glad that you are ok! I think I suffer from Benign Positional Vertigo...I know I do...and it is really awlful when it hits. If you get the chance, google the exercises for it...they help. Anyway, sorry you have been under the weather. I have a teapot collection too. Mine are just crazy ones and old ones, not beautiful Japanese ones. Where did you live in Japan. I lived in Wakkania in the 70's for about 6 months.

  4. Age is hell! Be healed NOW. I hope that works. Love the deep blue teapot. :o)

  5. Sorry that you are having such a hard time and not being able to get in your sewing room...but soon,...very soon.

    I looooooooooooveeee teapots...anything with a lid...sugar dishes them.

  6. hopefully nothing will go wrong now.........

  7. you poor thing, hiopefully you will be safe for now, love your collection!
    Do not write back, rest, just rest~

  8. Rumi glad to hear that you are back on the road to recovery, I missed your posts.Please show more of your tea pot collection, I collect little coffee cups (espresso sized) and love anything that is classed as china.They all look so pretty.
    Look after yourself

  9. Rumi, I hope you are doing much better with both of those bad things going on in your body.