Monday, August 10, 2009

Sugar Cane Scarf

Hello Friends,
Well, I am pretty much back to my old self. The old wrist is feeling pretty good again. I have started a small quilt project (more about that in another post) and was able to do some knitting as well.
Here is that lace scarf that I have been chipping away at. It is made from sugar cane yarn. I need to weave in the ends and block this beauty but the knitting is complete and I truly love it!

I have 3 knitting projects on needles right now but couldn't resist going to the yarn shop for more yarn! What the hay, I like working on 4 knitting projects at once!

Don't you love these yummy colors! 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon

Also found this pattern for a felted tea cozy. Cute!

These are little gift cards with knitting themed pins attached. The little pins are about 1/2 inch in size. These will go to the ladies in my little knitting group. (We call ourselves "Knit Wits")

Finally, I couldn't resist buying this! It is an ink pen with a retractable tape measure at the top.
Talk at you later! Rumi


  1. Gorgeous scarf!!! Do you need a new winter coat to go with it? Sock yarn...snuggily feet for winter. Oh boy a new tea cozy too.

  2. Rumi what does "block" mean? The scraf looks gorgeous. The gift cards are way cute and the cup of tea on the cozy just perfect.

  3. Beautiful scarf! I'm working on a lace shawl myself right now. Lots of concentration required! How did you like working with the sugar cane yarn? Was it soft? I found some yarn up at Patternworks this summer that was so stiff and rough, and I thought it was sugar cane, but could be mistaken. It must have been something else, or no one in their right mind would use it for a scarf!


  4. I love the lace pattern in the scarf, just gorgeous!!!

    Take Care :)

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  6. Hia Rumi the scarf looks lovely. I've not seen sugar cane yarn in the shops here. I'm still drooling over the Noro yarns. :-)

    Ooo wonderful gadget. The number of times I'm using a pattern and they don't bother to print a ruler on them is silly.

    Glad your wrist is better.

  7. Your scarf is just gorgoeus Rumi!! Love the cute knit cards - perfect for the "knit wits".

  8. Beautiful scarf.
    Those little pins are so cute. Your buddies will love them.

  9. That pen is a hoot!!!

    And love that tea cozy! So cozy! Make it!

  10. oh my gosh, your scarf turned out gorgeous! and i love the colors in that sox yarn! there is absolutely nothing wrong with having lots and lots of projects going at prevents boredom...☺