Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lady Kina, revised

Hello Friends,
     Reknit cardigan:

Daughter Lucky says I look dowdy in it.

I did lengthen it a little bit--it was supposed to be shorter but  I wanted my cold tush covered!  Maybe I would't have looked so dowdy if I left it cropped.

On another note, we dog-sat out granddog, Walter, on Saturday.

Don't let this "serious" look fool ya, he was a big crybaby the whole time.  He missed his Mama and Papa and kept looking out the window for them.  He is not quite 2 years old and nearing 150 pounds but he's still a playful (very drooly!) puppy.
BTW, yes, we do have purple leather furniture.  Honest, when we ordered it, we thought it was burgundy--darn florescent showroom lighting!  Over the years, I have grown to like it though.  What the heck, why not purple furniture!

He has to scrunch to fit on his bed! This is the biggest size bed they sell.  (Walter says thanks to Stephanie and Mr. Creations for this comfy bed!)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lady Kina cardigan

Jodie from Jellywares turned me on to this cardigan pattern.  It is called Lady Kina and for those of you on Ralvelry, the pattern can be found there. Being a bit bored with endless stockinette stitching, I decided to put in some floral "embossing".

Cute huh?  Hard to tell on the screen but it is a pretty green color.

Ok, that is not the end of this story.  In fact, it has a sad ending.  Things would have been peachy if I had used a nice wool yarn.  Alas, I used a wool blend (really, only a touch of wool, mainly acrylic).  This type of yarn does not block well and will not hold it's blocked shape.  I know this, but for some reason hoped it would be ok.

As I wore it, it slowly unblocked and reverted to it's pre-blocked state. I hated to do it but I unraveled the bottom section, removing the floral border.  I am almost done reknitting per the pattern instructions.  Sigh...lesson learned.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Giveaway for a cause

Please go to Stephanie's blog, Loft Creations and enter her beautiful quilt giveaway.  To enter, you need to make a donation to help earthquake victims in Japan.  Details HERE.

To sweeten the pot, put your tracking number in a comment on THIS post and I will give you the chance to win this beautiful knit spring shawl.  It is 100% wool and wonderfully soft.  Winner will be chosen on April 2nd so you have two weeks to spread the word!  Thanks in advance, bloggers are the best!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello Friends,
   I finally got ahold of my family in Yokohama.  They are all fine and I was told that family members in Fukushima are also ok.  They have not been able to contact family in Sendai so we are still worried about them. Hopefully they are safe and in a shelter.  Please keep them in your prayers.  Rumi

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japanese earthquake distraction

I have been spending alot of time (too much time, really)  in front of my television watching the horrible disaster unfolding in Japan.  I have relatives there-- mainly in Yokohama but some in Sendai.  The phone lines are down so I have not been able to contact family to see if they are allright.  I have been trying to distract myself by picking up my needles and making this
Look ferocious? No?

How about now?

You're right, it's not ferocious at all!  Cute little baby alligator.
Find this knitting pattern here.

I am going to try to pull myself away from the TV.  It only makes me anxious about a situation I have no control over. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ribbit, Ribbit and a Koala win

Hello Friends,
    A bit of time spent in my sewing room this week.  I started making Stephanie's Oak Park Bag last year.  I am happy to say that is one more UFO completed!  And look how cute it turned out!

I fussy cut a variety of frog fabrics for the patchwork on the sides.

Here's the other side.
I used denim for the bottom and straps and a lily pad fabric for the top.

I did change things up a bit.  Instead of a button and tab closure, I decided to put in a zipper.

See my cute little froggie zipper pull.

Inside, I put a zippered pocket on one side and and an open patch  pocket (per the pattern) on the other.
I can't wait to tote my frog purse around town.  Thanks Stephanie for such a cute pattern!

On a different subject, I was browsing the Koala sewing cabinet website when I came across a monthly giveaway they were having.  Well, lucky me won February's giveaway!  I received via FedEx this morning this wonderful sewing machine trolley.

It's extra large and has a telescopic handle for easy transport.  Of course I chose red, my favorite color.  My other options were blue, silver and one other I can't remember. 

They also included some needles and thread. 

Now I can wheel my sewing machine to any sewing class in style! 
By entering the contest I was also entered to win the big Kahuna of a prize--a Koala studio.  How wonderful would it be if my luck held out and I won that too!  A girl can dream can't she!  Anyways, why don't you try your luck at winning something too!