Friday, August 7, 2009

Teapots, part 3

This is a Polish teapot that Mr. Lucky picked up for me last Christmas. I think he bought it in Seattle. Beautiful and I love it but it does tend to dribble a bit.
Love this bone china teapot. Pretty pink roses. This holds about 4 cups.

Tea for one that I picked up one year at Disney. The saucer is shaped like Mickey's hand.

Another tea for one that I received as a Christmas gift from my good friend Catherine.

The grand 6 cup triplets!

This teapot and warmer was purchased in Aruba. It is an inexpensive souvenir that dribbles but is pretty to look at.

Final teapot post tomorrow!


  1. Well, you really do have quite a bit of teapots! I love them. I have a few myself, but not quite as many.

  2. I don't ever remember seeing the disney teapot! I love the triplets.

  3. How gorgeous is that Polish one. Do you mean to tell me that you actually use all of these teapots. Do you have a favourite one to use and a favourite one to look at?
    Sorry every sentence begins with DO. Just me being nosey.
    xx Linda

  4. I have never realized that you have so many teapots. They are all unique and beautiful.

  5. Just catching up with your blog. Love the little pot holder. Nice save! And WOW! Just love all your teapots! What a lot of fun. Hopefully you have a nice way to display them to advantage.

  6. Oh my I've not seen a pink 6 cup one before- so lovely. My fav is the pink floral one though. That just cries out for a tray with a linen cloth on and a crochet lawn. :-)

    Lovely Belinda, thanks for sharing.

  7. They are wonderful. I love teapots. My new quilt has kettles/teapots on them. They shape is artistic and lovely. I love looking at them. Yours are treasures.