Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello Friends,
     Sorry I have been AWOL for awhile.  My attentions have been diverted lately and I haven't done much that I can blog about.  I did have one finish though.

   I usually do a bit of knitting most evenings while winding down from the day.  Some days it's only for 10 or 15 minutes but rarely more than 30 or 45.  It takes a long time to get anything done but by golly, those 15 minutes add up and eventually I have a finish.
   I found some yarn a couple of months back that had some lovely colors.
It's not a yarn of great quality  but fun so I bought it.  It was a pretty big skein; 621 yards for about $8.
This is what I made with it.

Here is Daughter Lucky modeling my new shawl. (Little Farrah is unimpressed) Of course, it's too warm to wear it now but should keep me toasty next fall.

OK, all, that's it for now.  Talk at you later.  Rumi

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I never cook without wearing an apron.  My favorite apron was long past it's freshness dating. 
Look at the sad condition of the neck strap.

I have seen simple cotton aprons for sale for up to $40!  I figure I can make one for much less using some nice Debbie Mumm fabric.  Since I'm making up the pattern, I can personalize it too.  For one thing, I want one pocket.
I bought this while living in Japan.  It makes really wonderful curves!
You have your choice of 4 different curves.  I picked the widest one and placed it 1/4-inch from the raw edges of my pocket bottom.  Round the corner by cutting away the "point".

Slide this onto the second metal piece to turn up the hem.  I used the tip of my iron to press the curve.

Here is the pocket  ready to sew onto my apron.

After it is sewed on my apron.

Ta Da! My completed apron!  Do you see that I sewed a short strap on the left side in this photo?

Seems like I am constantly washing my hands while I cook.  This little strap is to hang my kitchen towel from.  No more searching where I layed my towel.  Ha! I've never seen that on a $40 store bought apron!

This was a quick and easy project but I have made more involved aprons too.

This is one I made for Mr. Lucky a number of years ago using a commercial pattern.  The body and swim shorts are machine appliqued onto the apron.  The swim shorts have elastic at the top and is actually a large pocket.

Chest, complete with chest hairs, are hand embroidered.

Want a peek inside the shorts?  Sorry, this apron is rated G!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tote Woes

Hello Friends,
     Have you ever bought a commercial pattern that just drove you nuts?!  I was very frustrated with this one.
The bag itself was a piece of cake. It was the insert that gave me fits.

They wanted you to make a "box" first using timtex stabilizer so it is very stiff.

Then sew on the side pockets.  I strained my brain trying to figure out how this is possible.  How did they expect my sewing machine to do this?  Obviously, I was missing something.  I ended up taking the thing apart, sewing the pockets to the sides and then sewing the "box".  If any of you have made this pattern, would you please explain how you did it?

Tote inside

With removable  insert in place. You can also see the zippered pocket I made (not part of the pattern)

Tote front

From the side.

Turned out to be a huge bag.  It will hold everything you would need for a day at the lake or beach. 

Happy Easter everyone!

Talk at you later, Rumi