Saturday, August 8, 2009

Teapots, Part 4

Alice in Wonderland teapot that I posted about in the spring. Fun, fun!
Cute Tim Hortons teapot that holds about 2 1/2 cups. For my international friends, Tim Hortons is a donut shop that also serves soups and sandwiches etc. along with some pretty good coffee. Canadian company, I believe.

Ahh, my little workhorse Brown Betty! Betty holds 2 cups and she is my go to gal on a daily basis. I found a cute little ladybuy drip catcher for the spout.

Aren't these the cutest little ornaments? I keep them in my tea cabinet year round.

I had the opportunity to meet Stephen Twining in October of 2007. He was signing tea canisters at the tea shop in the British Isles section of Disney Epcot's world showcase. He is an extremely tall, slim man who was very nice. He said he was 10 generations removed from the original Twining tea seller.

Oops! This picture was supposed to be above with the other teapots. I purchased this at a cute little local British style tea shop and restaurant called the Barnbury Cross. Sweet huh.

And this is where most of my treasures live. Guess I have to stop buying teapots, I'm pretty much out of room!
Well friends, hopefully I will have some sewing to show you next time! In the meantime, how about a cup of tea?


  1. Or you could just buy another cabinet! How on earth did you get a Tim Horton's tea pot??? I love having un-tea with you.

  2. Yes, a very big collection. But I am with Stephanie, why stop there, just get another cabinet.

  3. I just love your teapots....

  4. What a lovely collection. The little crystal set was so sweet. :-)

    Thanks for sharing your collection.

  5. That is a great collection of teapots. I only have 1, a japanese one my grandma got me. Thanks for sharing it!

  6. Rumi thanks for sharing and i have to say that if i had to pick one i would have to pick the Tim Hortons love the shape although i did really like one from Teapots part 3 the Polish one?
    Have a good day

  7. I'm with Jackie and Stephanie.. you can't stop collecting them just because you ran out of space in the cabinet. LOVELY collection! I think my favorites are those big colorful ones that look like Fiesta-ware. :-)

    Hope your write is feeling better.. and I really don't like the thought of a spinning room.. never heard of Labyrinthitis. It sounds horrible.. like a migraine headache!

  8. But wait! There's more! Fantastic collection - and I would get another cabinet!! LOL