Thursday, June 18, 2009

Telephone Sweater

First off, Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter Miki. She is 25 today!

My last post about my curly cue tea cozy got me thinking about a sweater that I made many years back for Miki. A telephone sweater. Luckily, I had it stored away.

The body of the telephone is knit in while the receiver is made of cotton fabric that was stuffed with fiberfil. I crocheted a curly cue phone cord and attached one end to the sweater and the other to the receiver. The receiver attaches to the "phone" with velcro so the child can remove it and bring it up to her ear to talk on the phone. The original pattern had a rotary dial but I turned it into a pushbutton phone. Here's a close-up of the buttons.

There was a matching hat that I did not make. It was cute in that "411" was knitted on the front of the hat.

My daughter (pictured above--sorry about the poor quality photo, it's about 20 years old) loved the sweater but only wore it to school once. Seems kids were poking her in the stomach all day "dialing" the phone. Hmmm, didn't anticipate that while knitting this.

This was a Betsey Johnson design and I think I made about 7 of these for my 2 kids, nephews, niece, and friend's child. Ahh.. memories.

Talk at you later. Rumi


  1. Happy Birthday Miki! Oh my goodness what a darling sweater. Love the heart push button and the curly cord. Aren't you happy you saved this one?

  2. Oh my Rumi....what an outrageous sweater!!!
    Wonderful....I'm glad you kept it!!

  3. Happy Birthday Miki! What a super cute sweater, I bet you are so glad you kept it!! I have to admit, I might have tried to dial her tummy too!!

  4. Fantastic Rumi!! How wonderful that you kept it. I hope Miki had a wonderful birthday.

  5. Happy birthday Miki. What a fab sweater when she was little. LOL Yes children think of the most interesting ways to keep us crafters on our toes.

  6. Oh that is just so funny! About the kids dialing her. The sweater is truly adorable though. I would have kept it too. :-)