Friday, June 5, 2009

Museum Trip

My daughter and I spent a few hours at the Columbus Museum of Art. They are currently exibiting Egyptian artifacts on loan from the Brooklyn Museum. I had been meaning to go since they opened the exibit in February but time just flew by and I barely made it there in time! I wish I could show you pictures from the exibit because it was fabulous! Unfortunately, there were no pictures allowed. They had a few beautifully preserved sarcophaguses as well as statues and burial goods. Very interesting indeed!

What I can show you is this beautiful blown glass sculpture that is permanently on display in an atrium of the Museum.

This picture really does not do this beauty justice! It is enormous (it is a very tall room!) and every element is graceful and delicate. Many of you may know the talented artist who created this.
His name is Dale Chihuly and his beautiful glass sculptures are in many places in this country and beyond.

Remember those gift card holders I had all ready to cut and sew a few days ago. Well, here they are completed.

Hopefully my customer will be pleased.
Talk at you later. Rumi


  1. Those Dale Chihuly sculptures are floating all over the internet. I just love them. As for your card holders, how could your customer not be pleased?

  2. Glad you made it to the exhibit in time. Those Chihuly glass pieces are amazing in person. Cardholders, check. What's next?

  3. What an awesome glass sculpture.
    I know your customer will appreciate those card holders.

  4. My you have been productive! Love the glass sculpture too- such a rainbow of colours- wonderful. I like Egyptian things too. The Ashmolean Museaum in Oxford has an Egyptian room. You might be able to visit it via the virtual tour link I gave the other week.