Monday, June 1, 2009

Birthday Basket

Hello Friends,

I belong to a small circle of knitting friends who get together once or twice a month. We call our little knitting group "The Knit Wits". Well, starting last fall, I have made little baskets for my Knit Wit friends on their birthdays. It is Karen's turn to receive one.

I'm sure many of you will recognize this cutie. It's an adaptation of the Pink Penguin's fabric basket. I will put a jar of yummy smelling candle in here. Happy Birthday Karen!

What else have I been busy with? A customer wanted a fabric cover for her pocket calendar. The plastic cover that came with it was looking very tired indeed. I took that plastic cover and used it as a template. Added a cute flap to keep it secure in her purse. Voila!

Another customer wants a bunch of giftcard holders. Here they are all cut and ready to sew.

I will show the finished ones as soon as they are done.

That's all for today. Talk at you later, Rumi


  1. Oh what a fun group, I love the basket. and card gift card holders, what a great idea!!

  2. Yippee for birthdays and pretty handmade things. You've been busy. Shall I call and reserve a lunch date soon?

  3. Lovely work Rumi. The birthday bag is so cute.

  4. What a great idea. Love the little baskets. Knit wits is so LOL! Sounds like a fun group!

  5. All just gorgeous!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. Terrific present! I just love the basket. Your other creations are wonderful too!

  7. I have made lots of those little baskets. The balloon fabric is very cute.