Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lovely June

Ah June, time to revel in early summer. We have finally dusted off the last remnents of cool weather but yet to swelter in summer heat. Lightening bugs are just starting to twinkle in the evenings and farmer's fields are alive with tiny green beauties. And roses, yes beautiful roses, are promising a bounty of perfectly shaped wonders.
Time to put up the summer wallhanging. Roses and pinwheels.

And time to put away the warm woolies.

This is an afghan I crocheted to cuddle under on those cold winter nights. I have kept it out till now since we have recently had a rash of cool weather. Hopefully those days are now over till autumn! It is so dark and dreary here in the winter that I found the brightest pink yarn for this afghan.

Also sewed up these little pouches for my Weight Watcher buddies. I designed them to hold our weigh in books. Cute huh? Velcro closure keeps our books nice and snug.

That's all for today. Talk at you later! Rumi


  1. I can't believe you made all those! So nice of you.

  2. It was a hot one today! I just washed the afaghan and put it away, finally. I don't remember seeing that wallhanging. New?

  3. I wish the hot weather would start coming our way. Yesterday was cool and rainy. Argh, when is summer going to begin. I just love the little pouches that you made. I can really appreciate them being a WW too.

  4. Two of my favorite summer things.. pinwheels and roses. And those colors are fabulous!

    I still keep the afghan out.. because you never know when you'll want to take a nap and the air conditioning can get pretty cold!

    I meant to tell you.. I think we hav a Knit Wits in Salem here too. But I'm not a knitter.

    All those little pockets are amazing! They are going to love them.

  5. It is hot here too in NC.
    Love your wallhanging and afghan.
    How very nice of you to make all those pouches for your buddies.

  6. Oh your little pockets, how cute and so sweet of you. Love your pinwheel quilt, and I think you know how I feel about pink!!!

  7. The pouches are so sweet. Love the bottom right one with roses on. Yes it is definately the season for roses here too. Isn't it lovely! We are still having some wet and horrible days though, so I'm keeeping our snugglies downstairs for a while longer.