Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quilts and yarn

More quilts from Friday's outing to the NQA quilt show

Love the one above, each house and tree has a little quilt by it

This last image is a close up of President Jimmy Carter's chin area. Wanted to show you the detail.

OK, now on to Saturday's event

Stephanie, Terri, Cheri and I returned to the Columbus convention center on Saturday since we obviously didn't spend enough money at the quilt convention the day before! The yarn was beautiful and I could have come home with a truckload of it but I restrained myself.

Sue, from Back to Back Fiber Products, was very friendly and let us "play" in her booth. She had little felt strips looped over some pins and we needle felted on these

Here we are hard at work

Ta Da! We're done with out masterpieces. Unfortunately, my close-up pic of the little tags didn't turn out but you may be able to see them at Stephanie's or Terri's blog.

Here are some beautiful yarn I purchased

And take a look at this pretty lace scarf pattern. I'm planning to knit this in the red kid merino yarn.
Well, I was so excited about my new purchases that I came home, balled up my sugar cane yarn hank (yes, it is made of 100% sugar cane and it is beautifully soft and smooth) and started a narrow little lace scarf. This pretty pattern was free with the purchase of this yarn.

BUT, not before ending the day at the Creekside Jazz and Blues festival across town

Here is a pic of my favorite local band, The Inner City Blues Band

Lady Nikki with the golden voice

Learn more about them at www.innercitybluesband.com

Whew! What a great couple of days! I'd love to do it all again next year!


  1. You took lots of quilt photos. I get to enjoy quilts I obviously missed through your photos! Oh my goodness your scarf is going to be gorgeous. How was the festival?

  2. wow - i'm glad you got photos of quilts! and the scarf you've started? swoon! ☺

  3. What a wonderful day that was. I wish I had been there with you all. Ooo sugar cane yarn- I've not seen it here. It does look pretty. I love the pink and purple multicoloured yarn you chose.

    I'll be trying needlefelting for the 1st time in a class next term.

  4. Oh what a fun day Saturday too! I would have loved the jazz festival. Next year we need to book a room!

  5. Geeeez, did you ever have a fantastic time! Quilts, yarn and entertainment. You girls know how to have fun! I can't believe that yarn is made from 100% Sugar cane. If it gets wet does dissolve? I would be so afraid of that.

  6. Look at you cute girls together. Awesome quilts. What a magnificent event.

  7. Wow, I enjoyed all of that...you must of had a fabo day. The quilys are mind bogglingly beautiful. THanks for your comments and visits to my Bloggy. I so appreciate it. hugs, Robin

  8. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us
    Rumi...looks like you had a blast!!

  9. you can never go wrong bringing home a new knitting project. it looks so soft.