Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tea and Tomatoes

Hello Friends,

     I've a little bout of wrist tendonitis so not much crafting until that heals a bit.  Did manage to sew a little tea wallet without too much discomfort though.  I've seen many tea wallets on other blogs so mine is nothing new and exciting but I'm happy with it.  Perfect for  a small purse; this one holds 2 teabags.
I put a velcro closure

Also thought I'd give you an update on my tomatoes.
Regular slicing tomatoes
Roma tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes

Gotta say that that upside down tomato planter is working out pretty good so far!

A parting shot of my out of control mint plant.  Attention! Never plant this in your yard, only plant in a container because it will take over your entire yard in nothing flat!  Well, seems like Mint Juleps are in order--Yum!


  1. Yes, our mint is overtaking the area and soon we'll be pole vaulting over it from the deck stairs! Happy tomatoes. Pretty tea wallet.

  2. Hope your wrist recovers soon Runi. What lovely tomato plants!

    Very pretty tea wallet.

  3. I don't like tomatoes but your plants do look healthy...

    love the wallet.

  4. Yes, rest that wrist.
    I have a lot of grape tomatoes. Some are turning red. I have some basil and I can't wait to make some pesto again like you did last year.
    Another plant you should never plant is lemon balm. It is as bad as mint.

  5. wow great tomato growing there, they look so yummmy, I must try that Kiwi jam, it looks pretty delic as well, thanks!

  6. Cant belive your tomatos-amazing, there you go that upside down thing really works.Hope that wrist gets better and your tea holder looks perfect.