Saturday, July 17, 2010

Door Prizes

Hello Friends,
    This afternoon I am going to a get together to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Touching Little Lives, the charity organization that has wonderful volunteers making a multitude of fabulous items to donate to premature as well as needy babies here in Ohio.  Having been a preemie myself, I have a soft spot for this organization. 
   I am a bit chagrined to say that I have been busy with my ailing mother and my fledgling business and not pulling  my weight lately with TLL.  I must make a promise to myself to set aside a bit of time each week to work on that.
Anyways, I made a couple of little things to donate as door prizes at our get together.
Wish I would have thought to make this cup cozy for Stephanie's recent string challenge.

Matching coaster.

Pieced pin cushion.  With a room full of sewers, I think this was a good idea.

Lovely fabric for the back.

Talk at you later,  Rumi


  1. Lovely prizes Rumi, dont forget to take time out for your self as well.

  2. Yes great prizes for a great cause !

  3. What a lovely gift for a door prize. Have fun with your gathering!

  4. Clever and cute cozy. The winners will be very thrilled for sure. Have a good weekend...see ya Wednesday.

  5. sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she gets better soon.
    Great donation gifts.