Monday, July 5, 2010

Java Jacket 2

Hi Friends,
    Do you remember my Java Jacket post? where I made this cup cozy
Because the cup had straight sides, it was a fairly easy pattern to make up.

But what if your cup was shaped like this? The bottom tapers so a straight cozy won't do.

Darts are the answer.

Lining side
There, that's better.

Matching coaster.

Talk at you later! Rumi


  1. Great idea! The darts really did the trick! Really cute.

  2. You're a super sewer! Do you get to keep these Java Jackets??? Love the jacket/matching coaster set.

  3. Great work Rumi. I was thinking you might have to use elastic. Love your darts. Even better I like how you make matchign sets.

  4. How are your wrist doing?

    Love the jacket...

  5. Love a well-fitting jacket... now I need to go and grab a coffee!

  6. Oh Rumi how clever and the fabric is ideal. It would be a great gift for someone with the matching coaster.

  7. Very smart idea. Looks great!