Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Knit Your Bit

Walter could not be left unsupervised for long so I could not cloister myself in my sewing room this week.  However, I could knit some while he was being good.  I worked on a charity scarf I was making for the "Knit Your Bit" campaign organized by the WWII museum.

I wanted to use yarn that was both economical for me (but I didn't want cheap, scratchy yarn) and  easy care for the veteran who received the completed scarf.  This is 100% acrylic  by Lion Brand Yarns and is machine washable and dryable.

I love this knitting pattern.  It's a variation on a rib stitch and so easy I can knit while watching tv or put it down at any moment  (to run and rescue Mr. Lucky's shoes or my hat from Walter, for example) and know exactly where to start back up.  For you knitters out there, cast on multiples of 3 plus 2. I casted on 32 for this scarf .  Knit the first and last stitch and the pattern in between is knit, knit, purl.  How easy is that!  Makes a nice stretchy reversable scarf that is very warm.  Now to add this to my charity box.

Walter went home last night.  He was very glad to see his dad!  As for me, I won't miss his drooling or his mischief but I will miss his sweet face.


  1. My what BIG feet! Might want to wear steel-toed boots around him. Very nice scarf and such a wonderful cause.

  2. Oh your last photo made me smile. Now even i can understand those knitting instructions, what a great campaign.

  3. Thanks for the link to the knit your bit project. I will go ahead and start knitting too.

  4. That is one big dog....

    Love your scarf!

  5. Rumi, I have to say that photo of your foot next to the dogs is a treat. As always your work is perfection. Hugs and thanks for coming and visiting my Blog. Robin