Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monkey Cake

Hello Friends,
    Whew! October sure was a busy month for me.  Our son got married on the 23rd and there was so much to do before and after.  We had several out of town relatives that came out  for the wedding and boy, it sure was great to spend time with them and catch up on family news.
    Now that the wedding is over, I can breathe a bit before I'm off and running again getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Haven't done any sewing but I did bake the most adorable cake to take to a Halloween Party.  I figured that even the dessert should be in costume!

One boxed cake mix made 2 of these cuties.  The monkey "fur" is chocolate rice cereal (in this case Cocoa Pebbles) and I used upside down Rolo candies for the eyes.

Would you like to make your own Monkey cake?  Watch the video on the Better Homes and Gardens site
One word of warning though.  Make this cake the day you want to serve it.  The cereal gets soft and loses it crunch if you make it too far in advance.

Talk at you later!  Rumi


  1. That cake is just sooo cute!!! Glad you can take a breather...I am sure after all of that fun you need one.

  2. Very cute Rumi, i bet Magnum PI had some of that there bear.

  3. Good to have you back. Yes, weddings can be tiring. I can only imagine what the mother of the bride goes through since I haven't had to do that yet.
    Very cute cake.

  4. I can personally attest that that is the YUMMIEST monkey I've ever eaten! :-) Loved it, Rumi!