Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Short attention span

Hello Friends,
    I've been very unfocused lately and have been prone to jumping from one unfinished project to another. Soooo...nothing complete to show you.  How about some UFO's today...

Wavy Wiper made from Messy Karen's pattern

Almost finished bookmark

A scarf to donate to a veteran through the WWII museum's Knit your bit program.

My daughter's quilt

Embroidery project from Jenny of Elefantz

More bibs waiting to be cut out.

I have a few other projects in the works too!  Better get busy!


  1. Knitting AND quilting AND stitching AND crafting UFOs. Oh my goodness...you win the UFO lottery. :o) I haven't stepped foot in my sewing room yet.

  2. lol. this is exactly what's been going on at my house. working on stuff. but not much to show.

  3. Well, you have a lot to keep you busy. Just like the rest of us. lol

  4. Oh it is fun to catch up with you today and read about all you're doing.

  5. This is a true crafters post, i am sure that we can all appreciate where you are coming from. You could never say "I'm bored".
    Love to see more follow progress on your daughters quilt.

  6. Don't worry Rumi- a little on each persistantly and then you'll have a blog post full of finishes. I have weeks like that too.

  7. Lots of lovely projects Rumi - it is no wonder you don't know which one to finish first! Enjoy your crafting this week.

  8. YOU certainly have alot of projects going on.....fun ones too!!!

  9. I like having a lot of projects on the go too... I love the pink bookmark and the bibs are looking really fun..

    Hugs - Jodie :)