Saturday, October 9, 2010

DIY win!

Hello Friends,
    Bet you weren't expecting to hear from me so soon after I said I was not posting till November.  Well, I received the most wonderful box in the mail today so had to share!
Not too long ago Messy Karen had a DIY wavy wiper giveaway.  Those that sent in a picture of completed wavy wipers using her wonderful pattern were put into a drawing and lucky me won!  I was thrilled but I had no idea what fabulous things I would receive!


Look at all this yummy yarn!  Enough to make a bazillion wavy wipers!

Karen included a nice big project bag. Don't you just love the cute birdies!

Also this great scarf pattern.  I REALLY want to make this great sampler scarf! May have to bump one of my current knitting projects aside to make this.

Karen also included some great bamboo knitting needles and a package of steel yarn needles.

My head is reeling just thinking of how wonderful this win was!  Thank you so much Karen!


  1. What a fabulous prize - perfect for all your winter knitting!

  2. wow lucky you, is it all cotton yarn? It is very difficult to get here in Australia, I think it is the yarn we use to use to crochet potholders while I was still living in Germany.
    Must buy some when I travel to the US in November.
    Have fun knitting, I love you work


  3. Oh my goodness, what a fun fun win!! Lucky you!

  4. Hey Rumi lucky you.Thats a fantastic win and will keep you busy for a while. (ok not right now as you are busy already). Hope your plans are going well and dont forget to take lots of photos to share.

  5. it's just as exciting to put a box of goodies together as it is to receive it. so Rumi. enjoy it!

  6. Yippee I can finally leave a comment! Looks like you'll have lots of goodies to keep you busy after the wedding.

  7. Well that prize could not have gone to a better person. I know you had fun going through that box. Have fun.

  8. What a lovely parcel from Karen. She put together some lovely supplies for you- so kind of her.