Friday, September 24, 2010


Hello Friends,
     We are visiting friends in North Carolina.  I always like to bring a little something to thank them for their hospitality.  They live in a community attached to Pinehurst golf course.  I'm not a golfer but I understand that Pinehurst is quite a famous golf course.  Anyways,  here is what I came up with.

4 placemats with a golf theme.  I originally thought I would make the entire mat with this fabulous golf balls and tees fabric but decided it would be quite jarring on the eyes.  A strip was plenty don't you think?

4 matching cloth napkins to go with.

Here is a look at the placemats that are currently in use at my table.
I made these a few years back.  Fun and functional.


  1. Love the pumpkin mat!

    I'm sure those mats will go down a treat with your golfing friends.

  2. Definitely, just a strip of golf balls is enough! The black swirly fabric looks very classy. I don't 'get' golf! But my husband loves it, and he even loves watching it on television! Ugh!

    Love the pumpkin placemat too! Very cute!


  3. I love your pumpkin placemat....and I know your friends will love the placemats you have made them.

  4. Real napkins, how great is that, so much nicer than the paper variety. What a lovely gift Rumi, happy holidays.

  5. fabulous!!! I'm not a golfer either but those are cute! and your punkin one is adorable beyond belief!!

  6. Loved it dear. very nice. How imaginative and conceptual are these!
    Nice Thanks a lot

  7. hi there, you have a wonderful blog. thanks for sharing your life and experience here. hope you never give up doing that.

  8. I love the golfball fabric!
    Such a lovely idea to turn it into place matts!

  9. Great gift for your friends. Looks like trip was fun. Did the illusion of the snow make it feel cooler in FL.
    Enjoy the time to the wedding. It is exciting.