Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lazy Girl bag

Hello Friends,

One of the many ongoing project on my list is now complete, Yea!  I wanted a hands free bag I could sling across my body but I didn't want anything huge like a messenger bag.  I found this Lazy Girl pattern at my LQS.

Cute huh? 

My version only has 1 button instead of 3 and I didn't round the bottom.
Could I have made up a similar pattern myself?  With better features? No doubt, but I was being a "lazy girl" myself and just wanted something quick.  I did change one thing.  The pattern wanted you to cut a slit on the underside of the flap to turn it right side out, then whip stitch the slash shut.  Well, nix that stupid idea.  I turned it at a seam.

This size bag is just the right size for taking to the grocery store for hands free shopping (I can't believe how many women leave their purses in the shopping cart while they are looking at produce etc.)  I plan to take this on vacation.  It will be nice to not have to worry about keeping track of my purse.

That's all for today.  Talk at you later.  Rumi


  1. LOVE you big button. I can't understand why a pattern would have you slit your fabric and then whipstitch it closed. UGH! Wonder if this pattern was tested before being published. I'd certainly nix the slit idea too. Perfect size, really cute. I'm one of those "produce lookers with unattended purse" you speak of. I need to change my ways.

  2. Your bag turned out wonderfully, I just love red and black together!

  3. This is exactly what i am looking for when we go to Penang, i had a lovely little hands free leather one i have used for years but now i need something bigger that will fit my reading glasses as i seem to be getting blinder as i get older.
    Love it Rumi.

  4. What a cute and practical bag Rumi! Love wearing bags across my body - especially when travelling.

  5. Great job Rumi. I would've baulked at making myself more work ripping a turning hole too.

  6. Great bag. I can't believe women leave their bags in the cart either. Some are even open. What are they thinking?