Monday, October 4, 2010

Back in Ohio

Hello Friends,
     After spending a week and a half in glorious warm sunshine, I return to a cold, drizzly, gray Ohio. Sigh...

We spent the first couple of days visiting friends in North Carolina (yes, they liked the placemats and napkins), then headed south to Orlando, Florida.  I spent the first half of the week nursing a head cold so missed out on some of the festivities but felt good enough by the end of the week to venture out to Universal Studios park.  They just opened up a Harry Potter section in June.  It's not very big, but fun. Check it out HERE.

Love the "snow" on the roofs.  It was really a very hot day! Most of these storefronts were just for looks. Those that were open did a very brisk business! (go check out the shops in the link above)  One could spend a lot of money in these shops--and people did!  I'm sure Mr. Lucky is glad I am not into "stuff".  There was plenty to be had! 


We drank our fill of butter beer (tasty butterscotchy yumminess) and tried pumpkin juice (pumpkin pie in a bottle), rode the fun rides and ate pasties.

HoneyDukes offered chocolate frogs ($10 each!) and assorted other goodies.

My only purchase of the day.  Lemon sherbet drops.

The rest of the day was spent enjoying all the rest of the park.

Of course, there was other vacationy stuff that we did but I won't bore you with those photos--I'm sure you all have loads of similar photos of your vacations.

OK all, now I must apologize for this will probably be my last post for a month or so.  My son is getting married soon and I must ready my house for out of town family (read between the lines here, that means, among other things, bringing in a bull dozer to clear out my sewing room so we can put a guest in there; and also evicting our spider friends from the guest room in the basement.)  I'll try to pop in and visit your blogs but I don't see much crafting going on here until November! 

Talk at you later,  Rumi


  1. Glad you had such a fun and relaxing holiday! How exciting to be having a wedding in the family - enjoy all the lead up to the big day. Sounds like you will be ready for some serious crafting when things settle down:)

  2. Ditto to everything Lisa said, enjoy the day and the lead up to it. We will miss you.

  3. Welcome home Rumi! Sounds like you had a great time! I have a few Harry Potter fans in my house who would love to go to that new attraction! Maybe someday. Have fun getting your house all spruced up for guests. Just think, after it is all over and they all leave, you'll be all set to jump back into your crafting with a clean house!


  4. oh that looks like so much fun!! I love Harry Potter, but $10 for a chocolate frog??? I bet it didn't even jump! Glad you are feeling better and good luck with the clean ups, and congratulations on the upcoming wedding!!!

  5. Wow the village scene with snow on the roofs reminded me of my trip to York- the same grey stone.

    Yes very understandable with relations coming- I'd have to fumigate this place. LOL

  6. Now that looks like fun....I am really not a Harry Potter fan but it just looks fun.

    Then to have a son get married....that is wonderful....hope you are able to accomplish everything you need to and enjoy the moment.

  7. That looks AWESOME!!!

    Thanks for the virtual tour..

    Jodie :)

  8. We just got back from Biltmore in Ashville NC. Hope to get to see the Harry Potter village at Universal. Love the photos and the placemats.