Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yurt Stay

Hello Friends,
     Tomorrow is my 32nd wedding anniversary.  Mr. Lucky and I celebrated a little early.  There is a 10,000 acre nature preserve and conservation center a little over an hour away from us.  This season they opened up an area for overnight stays in Yurts. We spent last night there. What's a yurt?  In this case a fabulously well appointed canvas and wood round tent. 

Here is ours, nestled in amongst the trees. How about a look inside?
This doorway led to a bathroom.
Window had no glass, only screening.

What was our view from our Yurt?

Much more impressive in real life.  A picture does not do it justice.

Before leaving this morning we went on a 2-1/2 hour open bus tour of about 1000 of the 10,000 acres.
Animals roamed free within vast pasturelands. 

Giraffes, rhinos,  Przewalskis wild horses, antelopes, zebras, etc.

Persian onagers

Indo-Chinese Sika deer

Cheetahs, wild African dogs and rare dholes were housed in another part of the preserve away from the prey animals.  The cheetah's inclosure had a sign that I absolutely loved!

All in all a memorable anniversary.  I'd love to go back and do it all again!


  1. Wow, Rumi, 32 years is quite the milestone for you and your darling husband! Congratulations to you both and your whole family! What a wonderful way to celebrate too! I think that's the kind of getaway I might even be able to convince MY husband into doing! Maybe in another 4 years, for our 32nd! Great pics!


  2. What fun.....the scenery alone would be worth it...

  3. Happy Anniversary Rumi. What a lovely way to spend it. Beautiful photos.

  4. Rumi, congratulations on your anniversary. I like the Yant. It is very interesting. I am curious, did any bugs get in it??

  5. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Lucky!!! How much fun. I kept envisioning something more rustic when you told me about it. Love the sign.

  6. What a fantastic yurt. The only one I have been in was the permanent home of a hippie in Teepee Valley. It didn't have a proper double bed like that one in at all. A fantastic idea for a getaway.

    Amazing critters but wow what a view!

  7. Rumi, happy Anniversary. I loved all your photos but the SIGN at the end was the best. Hugs, Robin

  8. A very Happy Anniversary Rumi!!! It looks like an amazing way to celebrate - the yurt looks very cosy and what a wonderful view!

  9. Happy Belated Anniversary! What an awesome place to stay and the Yurt is pretty cool. I have seen them advertised in some the magazines we read where you can build your own.