Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jasmine Lace Scarf

Hello friends,
    My scarf is done! Yea!

Whatcha think?
Closer look

Made with one ball of this.
From this free pattern from Crystal Palace yarns.

Now to toot my own horn a bit.  I was very frustrated with this pattern at first.  It just wasn't coming out right.  I almost gave up on it but took some time to really look at the pattern.  Well,  found mistakes. No wonder it wasn't coming out!  Contacted Crystal Palace yarns with the corrections and they were very nice.  The pattern was corrected and now you can make your own skinny little mini mochi scarf!  While I'm at it, thank you to the staff of the Black Sheep yarn shop in Orlando for helping me when I came in with this project.

That's all for now.  Must find another knitting project!  Talk at you later.


  1. Perhaps these yarn folks needs to use you as a pattern tester! It really turned out beautiful. Do you get to keep this one? Red is your color.

  2. Just beautiful, Rumi! Love the colors too! I think Stephanie is right, you would make a great pattern tester.

  3. Oh my gosh Rumi its beautiful and so intricate. I cant believe it only took one ball of wool. Lovely. I would have been lost after i casted on.

  4. Hi Rumi! Your scarf is beautiful and lacy and I love the way the colors transition. It really adds to the scarf. I especially love the name, mini mochi. I bet you can't wait for cooler weather, huh? Take care1

  5. Hia Rumi, thanks for popping in. The scarf came out beautifully. I know what you mean about patterns. The bag I made recently had omissions and unclear bits and drove me mad! This was a bought pattern too! Astonishing!

    Glad you knew enough about knitting to put the mistakes right.

  6. It is beautiful. I have encountered problems with quilt patterns before. Very frustrating.

  7. Very pretty.....what a great job you did..