Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tote Woes

Hello Friends,
     Have you ever bought a commercial pattern that just drove you nuts?!  I was very frustrated with this one.
The bag itself was a piece of cake. It was the insert that gave me fits.

They wanted you to make a "box" first using timtex stabilizer so it is very stiff.

Then sew on the side pockets.  I strained my brain trying to figure out how this is possible.  How did they expect my sewing machine to do this?  Obviously, I was missing something.  I ended up taking the thing apart, sewing the pockets to the sides and then sewing the "box".  If any of you have made this pattern, would you please explain how you did it?

Tote inside

With removable  insert in place. You can also see the zippered pocket I made (not part of the pattern)

Tote front

From the side.

Turned out to be a huge bag.  It will hold everything you would need for a day at the lake or beach. 

Happy Easter everyone!

Talk at you later, Rumi


  1. You have amazing sewing skills. Are you taking this cool new tote on your trip?

  2. Patterns scare me :) I know it's my next step though. The bag turned out so cute!

  3. It looks just wonderful! Tempting ... though looks very difficult!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. Nice bag Rumi, i will leave patterns to you. I can never follow the most basic one.

  5. Oh Rumi, It is beautiful, I love the fabrics you used. Sometimes common sense is what these pattern makers need to have!! You however did a wonderful job!!

  6. love the tote, it is beautiful!!! sorry you had such troubles...

  7. Hey Rumi,
    Happy Easter. Hope all is well with you and that your Family is fine. I love the tote. I would have balled that thing up and thrown it in the nearest corner. talk about confusing directions. Yours came out great though. Good for you. Robin