Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello Friends,
     Sorry I have been AWOL for awhile.  My attentions have been diverted lately and I haven't done much that I can blog about.  I did have one finish though.

   I usually do a bit of knitting most evenings while winding down from the day.  Some days it's only for 10 or 15 minutes but rarely more than 30 or 45.  It takes a long time to get anything done but by golly, those 15 minutes add up and eventually I have a finish.
   I found some yarn a couple of months back that had some lovely colors.
It's not a yarn of great quality  but fun so I bought it.  It was a pretty big skein; 621 yards for about $8.
This is what I made with it.

Here is Daughter Lucky modeling my new shawl. (Little Farrah is unimpressed) Of course, it's too warm to wear it now but should keep me toasty next fall.

OK, all, that's it for now.  Talk at you later.  Rumi


  1. Beautiful shawl Rumi! You will be a heat muffin in that come fall!

    I just read your apron post too and was cracking up over the one for your husband! How clever you are!


  2. YOu are so talented...what a lovely model!!

  3. Shawls are so "vintage" but what is it about them now that is so appealing? Sitting around by the fire, reading, fuzzy slippers, shawl... This beauty deserves to be seen out on a date perhaps with Mr. Lucky?

  4. keep working away at the short times as it is amazing how they add up...........nice shawl.......

  5. That is so pretty. I have an old black wool family woven one. I wish it had a dash of colour like that one. Love black with deep colours. Well done Rumi.

  6. Love your new shawl , I think they are such a great idea !

  7. Great shaw. Hope everything is ok with you. Hugs, Robin