Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gifts from India

Mr. Lucky just returned from a business trip to India. He is not one to do any shopping when he travels so I was surprised when he brought home some gifts.

First, a small box of Masala tea. Very yummy!

A lovely wooden box that looks like a book.

There was a bag of loose leaf Darjeeling tea inside.  That is yummy too! I plan to store some teabags in this box.
Finally, a small box of saffron.

Mr. Lucky rarely brings home gifts from his business trips so I can count myself lucky this time.

The last few posts have been non-crafty but I promise the next one will have some sewing involved!


  1. How nice of Mr. Lucky! Those all look wonderful. I bet the tea taste really good.

  2. YUM!!! Great job Mr. Lucky. Perhaps you need a scone reward?

  3. You are LUCKY and spoilt. I can see that you will have to use one of your many tea pots.That wooden book/box is gorgeous.
    have a Happy Easter.

  4. I love saffron in my cooking! That little wooden box is lovely. What a thoughtful hubby you have :)