Saturday, April 10, 2010


I never cook without wearing an apron.  My favorite apron was long past it's freshness dating. 
Look at the sad condition of the neck strap.

I have seen simple cotton aprons for sale for up to $40!  I figure I can make one for much less using some nice Debbie Mumm fabric.  Since I'm making up the pattern, I can personalize it too.  For one thing, I want one pocket.
I bought this while living in Japan.  It makes really wonderful curves!
You have your choice of 4 different curves.  I picked the widest one and placed it 1/4-inch from the raw edges of my pocket bottom.  Round the corner by cutting away the "point".

Slide this onto the second metal piece to turn up the hem.  I used the tip of my iron to press the curve.

Here is the pocket  ready to sew onto my apron.

After it is sewed on my apron.

Ta Da! My completed apron!  Do you see that I sewed a short strap on the left side in this photo?

Seems like I am constantly washing my hands while I cook.  This little strap is to hang my kitchen towel from.  No more searching where I layed my towel.  Ha! I've never seen that on a $40 store bought apron!

This was a quick and easy project but I have made more involved aprons too.

This is one I made for Mr. Lucky a number of years ago using a commercial pattern.  The body and swim shorts are machine appliqued onto the apron.  The swim shorts have elastic at the top and is actually a large pocket.

Chest, complete with chest hairs, are hand embroidered.

Want a peek inside the shorts?  Sorry, this apron is rated G!


  1. I like that tool you were awesome is that!!

  2. What a cool tool! Love the custom apron...especially the towel hanger strap. That Mr. Lucky must look Hunky in his apron!

  3. Love your new apron. A very interesting tool. What a great idea to put the towel hanger on the apron too.I should do that because when I wear my apron I am always wiping my dirty hands on it and if I had a towel handy I would use it instead.
    A very cute apron for hubby.

  4. love the new the looks of the other one you definitely needed it.........

  5. Your pocket making tool looks really useful! I have a lot of sewing gadgets but have never seen anything like that before. Your new design looks lovely.

  6. OOO Debbie Mumm i love her stuff and what a great apron, love the strip to hang your towel. Your pictures of Mr Lucky's apron made me smile, thanks.

  7. You so ROCK Rumi. Mr Lucky's Apron made me lol. That pocket making gadget is like a Miracle tool. WOW. I a always amazed by your Perfection. have a great week. Hope all is well with your Family. Love, Robin