Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Heart Spring

First off I have to say how excited I am that I was one of the lucky winners in Lurline's birthday giveaway! What a happy unbirthday gift for me! Thank you so much Lurline!

Finally starting to feel like I can shrug off the coldness of winter. I see peeks of blue sky here and there and 60 degreesF feels downright balmy right now. I know that the weather is fickle this time of year and I may have to grab my parka again before long but I am basking in "springness" right now. Time to break out the "I heart Spring" wall hangings. This one I have in my foyer
In hindsight, I would have placed the bottom heart upside down so the points would meet. If I make another (and I may since it is so cute!) I will do it that way.

This bigger version is hanging on the wall at the Weight Watchers' center in the next town of Reynoldsburg.
A quickie version that I sewed right sides together and turned instead of attaching binding.

This next little wall hanging is not in spring colors but I think it's springy with all the cute yo yo flowers.

I had alot of green fabric scraps from my green and white quilt so used them for the striped border as well as the 3-D leaves.

I found these cute ladybugs made from polka dot ribbon! Had to add a couple of them.

That's all for today! Talk at you later. Rumi


  1. Oh I love them all, I really love your little ladybug, how cute is that!!

  2. I'm going to have to examine your topiary more closely next time I visit. I never noticed the lady bug. Happy Spring! See you Friday for tea and scones.

  3. I love the little quilts. Perfect for the spring time. The ladybug is the perfect addition for the flowers.

  4. Very cute wall hangings. That ladybug is so cute. Never seen them made from ribbon before.

  5. Yes.. I have to agree with you about the weather.. it is a lovely spring her ein Ohio. :-)

    Those ribbon lady bugs! I have never seen them before. CUTE!

  6. I love both wall hangings. They are so cute and the lady bug so original!

  7. What lovely pretties! The ladybird from ribbon is such a great idea. :-) Thanks for sharing.