Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby Blanket

I love to sew but only during the day. I lose my steam for sewing in the evening. On the rare occasions I do sew in the evening, I find my self making dumb mistakes and having to break out the ol' seam ripper and frogging it (you know, rip it, rip it). Not fun. What I do like to do in the evenings is knit. I turn on the TV for background noise (can't be anything too interesting or I'll lose count and end up frogging that too!) Can't say I knit every night and usually it's only for 30-60 minutes. In the winter I like to work on warm wooly (tho' not necessarily wool) projects. As the work progresses, it keeps me toasty as well! I finished this baby blanket last night.
Here is a closer look. It reminds me of honeycombs
It's hard to see in the photo but the yarn is quite lovely. White with little specks of pink, blue, yellow and green. I made a pale blue one recently for charity and loved it so much I made another one to put in my "gift stash". You never know when you will need a baby gift.
It's almost time to put away the "warm" yarn and break out the cotton yarn. Days are getting warmer in spurts---yesterday was warm but today, not so much. Spring can't get here soon enough for me! You can take the girl out of California but it's hard to take California out of the girl! I'm not fond of cold weather, altho' I like to ski. I always say I like to play in snow but not live in it!
Little buds are starting to appear on trees in the neighborhood. Pretty soon I will be seeing spring flowers pushing their way to the surface. Inside my house I have a confused Christmas Cactus. She is all abloom (with her flowers looking like pretty party dresses, I consider her a she!)

When I first moved to Ohio 20 years ago I joined the local Welcome Wagon group. I didn't know anyone and it was a great way to meet other women. I still get together with some of the women I met then. Anyways, sometime during that first year, my Welcome Wagon secret pal gave me a little 4 inch pot with a tiny Christmas cactus in it. Well, it got bigger and bigger and 20 years later it is this magnificient beauty! I can't remember who my secret pal was that gave it to me but I do thank her every time this plant blooms!

That's all for today. Talk at you later, Rumi


  1. What a beautiful the stitch! Thanks for the congrats & for stopping by my blog. Looks like your is new, so I'll have to keep my eye on it!

  2. Beautiful blanket. Another finish for you. :o) I didn't know your Christmas Cactus (now a Spring Cactus) is 20 years old. You really do have a green thumb.

  3. What a lovely blanket- the stitch is very interesting and ideal for babies. Yes I know the yarn- I've seen it in newborn cardigans -useful when you don't know the gender you're knitting for.

    Beautiful Christmas cacti it's great that you have kept her so long.

  4. That afghan is lovely. The colors remind me of the inside of a seashell. And that Christmas cactus is awesome!

  5. What a gorgeous baby blanket!! Looks so cosy and warm, and very pretty yarn.