Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Toy

Hello Friends,

    I was sure getting tired of doing this:
Not having young children at my disposal, I had to call in the dining room chairs to do my bidding.

Amazon to the rescue.  What I ordered is in the skinny little white box.  The big box is what it was shipped in.  Really now, doesn't that seem like over packaging to you?  Well, guess they didn't want an angry customer with a broken item.

After a tiny bit of assembly, here is my new yarn swift.

Here it is in action.  The cross arms turn on it's base while I turn hanks into neat little balls.

So these lovely merino wool hanks become

Two little cuties like this.   Now the trick is to not start a new project with these until I finish up some more of my already overflowing UFO pile.

Talk at ya later,  Rumi


  1. Handy dandy thing! Happy knitting...or happy UFO-ing.

  2. Oh I love it! It's a lot more compact than the ones I usually see. Can you send me the link to this one that you ordered please? I'd love to check it out.

    What are you making with that beautiful green yarn?


  3. Well...isn't that wonderful....sure saves you alot of time and trouble....and give you more time for other things...ypeeeee

  4. Oh Oh that looks fantastic, can you tell me why wool comes in hanks in the first place instead of good ol balls, i have only purchased one hank a while back and WHAT a nighmare of knots it was to get it into a ball.

  5. Good luck with your UFOs. I'm trying to get rid of the last few Wanna Make 2010s so I can start the New Year afresh. Just need more time in a day. :-)