Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gingerbread Bowie

Hello Friends,

     Are you like me, trying to get all the things on your Christmas To-Do list complete?  I'm trying not to stress myself out too much even though I have several unfinished Christmas gifts in my work basket.  I will finish what I can and leave the rest--Christmas will come again next year and whatever I do not finish this year will be under next year's tree.

While on the subject of gifts (and stressing out over gifting) I would very much love to exchange heartfelt holiday cyber greetings with all my blog friends.  However, at the risk of sounding Scroogy, on the slim chance that anyone was planning on sending an actual gift, please don't.  I promise to do the same. 

Ok, how about a Christmas table runner.
Cute huh!  When I made this, I was disapointed that I only had 3 blue buttons to use for eyes.  Daughter Lucky came up with the idea to have one Gingerbread man with one blue and one brown eye--like David Bowie--making him a Gingerbread Bowie.
Hopefully, I'm not the only one who thought this was brilliant. 


  1. Funny! I never knew about David Bowie's eyes. See, I learned something today.

  2. What a cute block! I love it! The eye solution is brilliant!


  3. That is just sooooo adorable!!! I love there a tutorial somewhere?

  4. Cute, my 2nd son has a blue eye and brown eye. Really!

  5. Rumi this is so cute and yes i hear you on the christmas present thing although i have not yet purchased one present and as we only arrived home yesterday our christmas tree isn't even up yet. I have two days of work left then on school holidays for seven weeks so i guess i can do it all next week.

  6. I love the table runner and think it looks just fabulous with the blue/brown eyes...

    Hugs - Jodie :)