Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I heart Wavy Wipers

I told you yesterday how excited I was to receive one of Messy Karen's wavy wipers.  Well, I promptly printed up her pattern and whipped a couple of them up.  I know what all of my family will be getting in their Christmas stockings this year!

They fit in the palm of your hand and are great for wiping up little spills on your table or countertop. Useful for wiping up little faces too and I figure they would be cute little coasters as well!  Probably good as little hotpads for lifting hot lids or baked potatoes.  Gee, so many possibilities!

Karen has the pattern for this on her blog so it you are a knitter, I think you should get this great little pattern.  If you don't knit, Karen sells these on her Etsy site


  1. Your needles must have been clicking away! Great size and definitely lots of uses.

  2. you go. love the excitement of seeing your pics. and very happy that you're gonna make gifts.

  3. Rumi that was quick, what type of yarn did you use?

  4. well this totally makes me wish I was a knitter! what a handy little item!