Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cross Stitch

Hello Friends,

    I don't have anything new I can show you yet so thought I'd show you some ancient items I dusted off.  I am the queen of UFO's and here is proof!
In the 80's I was really into cross stitch.  Couldn't get enough.  I gave away a bunch, sold some too but when it came to stuff for me and my little boy, things languished and never got finished. (My poor daughter didn't even get anything started!)

I had the grand idea to maybe make a quilted wall hanging for my infant son with cross stitched sports blocks.

These were made in early 80's

My little boy also liked the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp so I made this to frame and put in his room.

If you can read the date--it says '84.  Needless to say, he wouldn't want these now (he is 31 now!)

I also worked on things for me.  The stitched part of this measures about 12x12".  It still needs some outling stitching before I can frame it.  Again, haven't touched it since probably the early 90's.

Another good sized project.  I have the female counterpart somewhere as well.

Final one to show you -- until I dig up some more stitchery lurking around my sewing room somewhere.
All of these will go back into their storage place for the kids to dispose of when I am gone (hopefully many, many years from now LOL!)

That's all for now.  Talk at you later.  Rumi


  1. should make something of them...just lovely. I too was into cross stitch in the 80's

  2. Perhaps there will be grandbaby lucky frogs to finish the projects for??? You're a lady of many talents.

  3. Great cross stitch projects you have there, Rumi! I especially love the dinner one! I learned counted cross stitch in the 70s from my aunt and did quite a lot of it over the years. Now you see my daughter has picked it up and she really loves it too. I think it's a craft for YOUNG eyes!


  4. I went through a cross stitch stage in the early 90's and also have some that never made it to the framing stage. Yours are amazing - especially love the Lady and the Tramp:)

  5. Fun cross-stitching. Maybe they could become part of a quilt top?

  6. Oh, the days of cross stitch. I did a lot too. I think the sports pictures would make a great quilt when you have a grand son one day.

  7. OO I remember doing a lot of cross stitch from a book by Jo Verso in the 1990s. I think I recognise the last one from "Short and Sassy" by Leisure Arts. They were so funny!

  8. Rumi, I wouldn't like to think who would have to dispose of my studio contents, dolls etc when I am 'not here" Yikes, hopefully I willbe around for a while too. Hugs, robin