Monday, August 2, 2010

Cherry and a win

Hello friends,
   I was very fortunate to receive one of Messy Karen's wavy wipers in the mail today!  I am a Lucky Frog indeed!  Take a look!

I can't wait it use it.  She also gave out this pattern on her blog so go check it out.  I know I will be making several of these!  Thanks so much Karen!

I also wanted to talk about one of my favorite fruits.  Look at these beauties!

This time of year brings a bounty of Ranier cherries!  They are a bit pricy but oh, I can't resist!

I also like these cherries!  Want another look?

A cute little zippy pouch.

Nice red lining.

Also made this little tote with this cute fabric

Added a recessed zipper


That's all for today.  Have a sweet week everyone! Rumi


  1. I tried Rainier cherries for the very first time. Honestly I don't know the different in taste but they are pretty. :o) Cute zippy pouch and tote.

  2. i'm very happy you like the wiper. and i love Raniers. i only see them at the store about twice a year. so i indulge. they're like mini-plums & yummy.

  3. Oh wow....never saw a wiper before.

    Love your bags and I love cherries...

  4. We have to wait until christmas for cherries here and yes they are one of my favourites.I will have to link over to messy Karens blog as like Barb i have never seen a wiper like this before.
    Love all of your cherry bags.

  5. cute little wiper from Karen and the ones you made are cute too.
    Love your matching cherry bags. Sweet!