Friday, March 26, 2010

Curse you, Winter!

Woke up to this!
Ugg!  Can you see the little tufts below my nest spruce.  Those are day lilies.  Poor little things!

Good thing I have these to  keep me company while I cry about winter's return.


  1. Can you even believe it? We've already gone through our box of thin mints and trefoils.

  2. If I could swap places with you I would, I guess you have all had enough of the cold and yet I would love to have a good winter.
    Living in a place that is always green has it's moments too.


  3. I will be fooling myself if I thought we would not get an more smow. Once here in Illinois, it snowed on Mother's day!!
    Hey I have that same mug!!

  4. Hope you get some warmer weather soon! No doubt it won't be too long before we get a big box of Girl Guide cookies to sell - they really are delicious!

  5. We're in for it tonight. Winter storm warning! ick. I love that cupcake cup. It is so cute. They were out of my favorite girl scout cookie. Probably best!

  6. All caught up on your blog. I have missed a lot. How sweet of your husband to bring gifts. I hear saffron is expensive but probably not in India.
    Ugh! I do not like working with those kinds of patterns but your bag turned out super despite using one.