Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm Back! (hopefully)

Hello Friends,

Mr. Lucky came home from his trip and worked on my limping computer. It's working for now and hopefully it will continue working! Keep your fingers crossed.

Well, I know this is old news but I wanted to post the pictures I was going to post with my bag drawing--until my computer decided otherwise.
I intially was going to give one bag away but when I got such a big response, I decided at the last minute to give a second bag away.

All names were put into the giftbag, this is a pic of my first-time commenters.

I had two different Christines leave comments so I labeled them Christine 1 and Christine 2.

Congrats Christine from Once Upon a Quilt!

My second drawing was for those who regularly leave comments. Lisa and Sarah from A Spoonful of Sugar were my 2nd winners.

Twin cuties ready to mail!


  1. Hope you stay up and running and Congrats. to the two happy winners!

  2. i just love the surprise of extra winners.

  3. I love those bags! They are just too cute! Congrats to the winners! Hope you had a wonderful holiday! (I'm catching up on my blogging!)

  4. Hope your computer continues to keep running! Congrats to the winners.

  5. Glad you are back. The bags are so cute and the winners will love them, for sure.

  6. Congrats to the winners. I thought about you a fellow fabricolholic (SP?) Was in walmart buyinh Onasburg and muslin, and the guy that was measuring was just unfurling the fabric in long lengths...not really measing way over a yard....I just stood there smiling. Yippee!
    Thanks for your encouraging words on my Bloggy. hugs, robin

  7. That was fun. I loved seeing your hand taking the names out of the pretty bags. :-) Hope your computer is really fixed!

  8. I am very lucky winning your give away.
    Thank you for having it.


  9. Thank you so very much Rumi - we are delighted to be one of your lucky winners. Your bags look so pretty and fresh - you have made our day. Hope your computer woes are fixed. We had similar problems over the last week - my DS used up most of our download limit on his games so we have been limited in our computer use. On a positive note I have got more quilting done:)

  10. lucky her ... she won my giveaway too !!!

  11. I arrived here via A Spoonfull of Sugar. The bags are gorgeous... very lucky winners and very generous of you to give two away! Lovely!