Monday, April 11, 2011

Knitting Project Bags

Hello Friends,
     Like many of you, I usually have several projects in the works at any given time.  My sewing projects pretty much stay in my sewing room unless I am sewing binding.  My knitting, on the other hand, is usually done in front of the tv in the evenings. To keep things a bit tidy, I try to keep my knitting in project bags so I don't have my stuff strewn all over the room.  While plastic grocery bags will suffice I suppose, having cute project bags are so much nicer.

Look at these lovelies. 

The red one is a gift from a dear friend and is currently holding a scarf in the works. This size bag is also perfect for embroidery projects as well.  Don't you just love the teacups!

 The pink and black one was also a wonderful gift and great for larger projects.  Very cute indeed!

 I just finished sewing the green one. Great for large projects like blankets and the like. I put a patch pocket on the front.

A little embellishment to make it super cute.

Hard to see but I added the work "Knit" along with some flowers and leaves on the handles.  I love how my machine will do these cute little extras!

Have a wonderful week everyone!  Talk at you later.  Rumi


  1. Knit happens...funny! Love the green bag, of course! One can never have too many bags for projects and things!

  2. Good idea Rumi, but at the mo i think i would need about ten bags for all of my projects. and yes the tea cups are cute (love any design with cups) as are the balls of yarn.

  3. Oh that pocket made me giggle! Great project bags. I have my scrap bits in clear bags according to colour. I keep telling myself that one day I will make bags from the colours to keep the remaining scraps in. One day after I've got the cloning and time machines figured out.

  4. Love it! you know me, I adore bags of any kind at all! your knit happens is fabulous! and I am very pleased that you use the one I sent too!

  5. Hey Rumi,

    i love those handles, wish my machine did that! your work is beautiful as usual. Hugs, Robin