Monday, March 14, 2011

Japanese earthquake distraction

I have been spending alot of time (too much time, really)  in front of my television watching the horrible disaster unfolding in Japan.  I have relatives there-- mainly in Yokohama but some in Sendai.  The phone lines are down so I have not been able to contact family to see if they are allright.  I have been trying to distract myself by picking up my needles and making this
Look ferocious? No?

How about now?

You're right, it's not ferocious at all!  Cute little baby alligator.
Find this knitting pattern here.

I am going to try to pull myself away from the TV.  It only makes me anxious about a situation I have no control over. 


  1. All good thoughts are heading to Japan. Such a disaster and so frustrating for family not being able to contact each other. Your little alligator distraction is darling.

  2. So many disasters happening around this world this year, but Japan tops them all so far. Hope you hear from relatives soon. That little alligator might be more ferocious when he grows up, but it doesn't really seem to be his nature .

  3. Rumi - so sorry to hear that you have relatives in the affected areas. Sending lots of prayers your way - hope you hear that they are safe soon.

    Your little alligator is very sweet.

  4. Rumi i hope your relations are safe and sound and that you hear from them soon. Such a terrible disaster, they are all on my mind.

  5. I love your distractions...and I like you was glued to the TV...I am glad that your family is okay, what a stress to be here and not knowing what is going on...sure hope the ones in Sendai are okay....