Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hello friends,
    I have not been totally idle in the craftiness department.  Take a look at this cute hoodie!  Designed to hold your iPhone (or other kind of phone, or  iPod, or camera, or snacks etc, etc) 
The bottom of the hoodie is closed but the sleeves are open--in case you want to thread your headphone cords through there. 

Here it is in action!  I single crocheted the hood opening and chain stitched some hoodie ties.  As you can see, the pocket is functional (if you have anything THAT tiny to store.) 

View from the back.
Yarn used: Amazing by Lion Brand yarn in Aurora colorway.

This cute pattern can be found here.  Thanks CoffeeBra for this great pattern.  Now to pack it up and send to my hoodie lovin' friend Ang!

Talk at you later, Rumi


  1. Oh my gosh, Rumi, that's the cutest thing I've seen lately. There is no limit to people's imagination!

  2. Excellent Rumi! What a fun idea and wonderfully made.

  3. Very cute Rumi and can i say that i actually got an ipohne yesterday. Lucky me.

  4. I am slain with cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!