Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween party and completed quilt

Who is this ravishing creature? Why, it's Edna from "The Incredibles" movie. So stylish don't you think? Mr. Lucky spent alot of time sprucing up the basement for our Halloween Party. Here are some of our party guests.

Not all goulish goings on at our party. Look at these fabulous cake balls I made using Bakerella's recipe. Yummy looking huh! Well, they were delicious and a big hit with our guests! Thank you Bakerella!

OK, back to quilting. Here is the completed quilt that I posted about last week. The same quilt I posted about waaaay back in July. The machine quilter took 12 weeks to get it back to me. Hmm...must find another quilter for next time.

Here is DD holding up the quilt in our backyard. See her cute feet!

Closer look.

And the back. I was a bit dissapointed that the quilter didn't center the backing a little better but not having any personal experience with longarm quilting, maybe I am being too picky.

I made this for my DD to give to her good friend as a wedding gift. Well, they liked it so I am pleased.

Talk at you later. Rumi


  1. Edna looks fabulous! "No Capes!" We LOVE that show!

    Looks like a fun party at your house! We don't do up Halloween that much, but I love seeing how creative other people get. Very fun!

    Nice quilts too :)


  2. your basement looks awesome! i love edna! ☺

    12 weeks for a quilt is TOO long...but your backing is fine...just say you planned it that way...☺☺☺

    wish you lived closer...we could long arm together at mom's!

    Happy Halloween!

  3. oops - p.s. your quilt is awesome! nice pic of daughter's feet, too...☺

  4. Fun party I can tell!!! 12 weeks?????????

  5. Well you just go all out for Halloween. Have fun. Those cake balls do look yummy.
    Your quilt turned out beautiful even though you had to wait a long time. I think it is just part of letting someone else do the quilting for us.

  6. Scary, but looks lots of fun! Just love that quilt - so fresh and sparkling!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  7. I agree with both of your points on the quilting it did take a while and yes i would have thought that she would have positioned the back a bit different. But the front looks amazing. Where are you going to put it? Your Bakerella cakes look divine I cant say the same for your dinner guests sitting at the table, Mr Lucky did a great job.

  8. Oh you are a fun Halloween house, next year I am going to trick or treat at you house!!
    And I think your quilt is beautiful and I am so glad she liked it! That is the importand thing!

  9. ha-ha-ha!.. I loved the Halloween stuff! Great party it looks like.. especially your "guests". What fun.

    And the quilt is lovely! What a gorgeous gift.. perfect for a wedding. The back looks fine. But I would have been nervous too.. having it out to the quilter for so long. Hope you got it back in time for the wedding!

  10. What a lovely quilt. Shame it took so long- maybe it was a busy time? The front looks lovely. I'm sure it will be well loved.

    Oh la! What a fun looking party!

  11. Great party deco's and you look GREAT!!!!

  12. Looks like such a fun party! Those cake balls look amazing.

  13. Must have been a great party ! Cute feet , great quilt .