Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wonderland Tea

While at Disney's Magic Kingdom last month, I spied an adorable tea set in a gift shop that I had to have.
The Alice in Wonderland teapot holds 5 cups of tea. The tea cups and matching saucers are a generous size as well. I only wish there were matching sugar and cream bowls.

Well, of course I HAD to get a tin of Wonderland tea as well.
Here is a pic of the lid. I honestly bought this only for the tin. I fully expected the tea inside to be undrinkably bad. I was very pleased to discover the tea is quite tasty! It is a blend of black tea with ginger, peach and apricot flavors (but no mustard--don't let's be silly!) Under the directions for brewing it says, "Start at the beginning (and when you get to the end...stop!)"

I invited my friend Stephanie over for tea. She brought some wonderful cranberry orange scones.

My husband, Mr. Lucky, travels alot and buys scones at every opportunity and he claims hers are the best he has ever tasted. Yes friends, they are that good!

She also brought me some bamboo knitting needles. How nice was that!
We had a lovely time and even got some crocheting in. Nothing brightens up a cold rainy day like having a friend over for tea!

As a final note, my kooky crazy Christmas cactus is at it again! Decided to send out a few blooms. I have had this plant for 20 years and have never had it bloom as often as it has this year!


  1. What a lovely afternoon. And that Mr. Lucky is such a sweetie. :o) Thanks for teaching me a granny.

  2. Oh how nice to spen an afternoon with a friend, I just love the new tea set. It is so nice that it for "grwon-ups" and not just children! When I go to Disney, I buy tins of things just for the tin too! The hot cocoa is very good.

  3. I just love that teaset and tea tin! Lucky girl - a perfect memory item for a wonderful holiday... and just wonderful to share a lovely afternoon tea with a dear friend! Your cactus is obviously very happy to have special friends around as well...

  4. What a wonderful afternoon with Stephanie! The scones looks fabulous and the tea set is perfect. What a terrific setting. The christmas cactus is awesome!

  5. Oh yum.. tea and scones.. and that is a fabulous tea set! Alice-in-Wonderland.. that is a fun thing to collect. :-) I bet Stephanie's scones are delicious. What a lovely day.
    I just saw Melanie post that her Christmas Cactus is in full bloom right now too. Those crazy things can't read the calender! But yours is a beauty!

  6. I can see why you couldn't resist that tea set Rumi! What a gorgeous set - love the brewing instructions on the tea cannister.

  7. Hia Rumi, yes I know the feeling with Christmas cacti- weird year! LOL I can understand you loving the Alice in Wonderland set.