Monday, February 8, 2010

Remember me?

Hello friends,
      It seems like forever since I last posted.  Thank you to all who sent good vibes my way while I took a break to help out my folks.  My dad completed cancer treatments and hopefully will receive good news at his follow up appointment with his doctor.

I haven't really gotten much crafting done.  Sometimes the "engine" is slow to start up after a long period of disuse. Before I show you what little I have done, let me show you my poor little sweetheart Farrah.

She also had a second bout with cancer and had to go in for surgery.  Hopefully, it will not come back a third time.  Doesn't she look pitiful in her pink party hat? 

OK, on to some crafty bits.

I found this cute pattern on the Paton yarn website so decided to whip it up.

Won't this look cute on the tree next Christmas?

That's all for now.  Hopefuly I'll get back in the swing of things and have more to show you in the near future.  Talk at you later!


  1. I knew you had been away and have missed you...Glad you are back and I do hope you get some good news about your dad and dog.

  2. Keeping good thoughts about your dad. Poor she still wearing her party hat? YES, that is THE cutest little sweater.

  3. What a lovely tiny jumper. :-) I hope your Dad and Farah coem through it all ok.

  4. Hope your Dad and Farah stay healthy now and that good news is on it's way. Sometimes life just takes priority. I'm taking a sabatical from blogs and craft myself at the moment - still have to check up occasionally though :0).

    Blessings and well wishes sent your way,

  5. Wishing your Dad and Farah a speedy recovery. Sending only good thoughts your way.

  6. Oh look at your poor dog, you feel so sorry for them when they have to wear that hat thingy.I have been thinking of you often and i hope that your dads news is all good.
    Missed you

  7. Glad you Dad is doing better. My cat Lucy has a collar just like that. She looks pathetic when she has to wear it. Poor Farah! I hope she's doing better soon.